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This report describes innovative approaches that integrate a focus on building financial security across programs, while reforming the systems that most affect the balance sheets of lower-income families and families of color.

Learn about the systems -- finance, education, justice, health, and tax -- that drive inequality and impact family financial well-being, and about financial security programs across the country that are working to reform the systems that most affect lower-income families.

This conference will build on the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare's groundbreaking Grand Challenges Initiative, which address issues of economic inequality, social exclusion, aging, youth development, criminal justice, addictions, health, and other fundamental social issues.

Asset-building practices, programs, and policies are those that create and protect opportunities for low-income individuals, families, and communities to save and invest in themselves, their futures, and their communities. A healthy economy is one in which everyone can participate and prosper.

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